Beer Bellies Club

If you enjoy a fine brew
Then this is for you,
Don’t miss our Beerbellies night.
If you savour your beer
then you ought to be here,
Be it a pint or a half
It will be a good laugh,
Join theClub at the pub
called THE WHITE!

ooops!!!..We know all these guys in The White!!

Real Ale Needs You !

We are passionate about Real Ale in the White Cross..We have an ever changing selection of ales, always from interesting Micro Breweries, we serve at least 3 ales at any one time. If you have an equalled passion for that special pint, we have just the club for you…

The Beer Bellies Club….

It is free to join.. we just need some contact details (we need to let you know what is going on) get a stamp for every pint you buy, which eventually gets you a free pint..there are no limits!..but the best bit is our Beer bellies meeting..the last Wednesday of every month, every meeting has a constant..five ales for five pounds..we always have five ales to try and you can buy five halves for five pounds. Every meeting is different but every meeting is ale related with the occasional Cider moment and always fun.

We have Meet the Brewer evenings, Beer Tasting, Call my Beer Bluff and we learn how cider is made alongside many other beery moments. It is always surprising just how much knowledge is gained and imparted on a Beer Bellies night!